Jams, Jellies, & Conserves


(Whole Fruit, Sugar and Pectin)

 Blackberry, Black-Raspberry, Blueberry,
Concord Grape, Hot Pepper, Peach, Peach Raspberry,Red Raspberry, Strawberry,
Strawberry Rhubarb,and Sour Cherry


(Fruit Juice, Sugar and Pectin)

  Catawba (Grape),
Concord Grape, Crab-apple, Red Currant, Elderberry,
Niagara (Grape), Quince, Red Raspberry and Strawberry


(Whole Fruit, Nuts, Raisins, Spices, Sugar and Pectin)

Brandied Peach, Concord Grape and Spicy Currant

All made right here in small batches at the shop!

Available in 12 oz. Jars!


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